Show You Care

Business Cards 2 (1)

There are so many ways to show we care for others.

One very simple, but effective, way is to send snail mail — real live mail — in the form of a greeting card.

Here on the Home page of this site, I would like to display some favourites from my store at Greeting Cards Universe ( ) where you will find over 140 cards.

This limited collection here includes cards in my public display, as well as those in a private gallery. All of them allow you to change the inside message to suit your needs.

I am also happy to create cards for your special purposes, including  those with personalized greetings on the card front. Let me know what you have in mind.

Take the time to wander through my store — I’m sure you will find cards that are perfect for your recipients — cards that show you care.

If you live in the Ile Perrot or West Island area of Montreal, you might also like to check out my on-hand-inventory of cards at $5.00 each. Send me a message at ( to set up a time and place to see them.

Thank you for your interest.

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