Enchanting Illustrations From the Past


The sketches, paintings and illustrations from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s charm me every time. I plan to use more of these for my women clients.

Let me show you my collection and then personalize cards for your women friends. Contact me at auditiescards@gmail.com

Customizing Rosie

Rosie Speaks Dutch

My favourite horse is very popular on greeting cards. Here, she demonstrates her flexibility in styles.

In the card below, customers choose the name of their recipients to add under her photo.

She Will Also Address You by Name

Wouldn’t you like me to customize Rosie for your needs?

How Can You Show You Care?

P1210756 (36)

Most of us like to acknowledge important events in others’ lives. If our loved ones are close by, we visit them, share a glass of wine or a meal, and spend quality time together. Yes, we feel good about taking the time to show we care.

If distance makes those options impossible, we make a phone call, or send an email or electronic greeting.

Well, there is another very good option that you might like to consider: why not send a truly personalized snail-mail greeting card?

A truly personalized greeting card might do one or more of the following:

  • mention your loved one’s name on the cover of the card
  • mention his age
  • mention a personal quality
  • mention her astrological sign
  • feature a meaningful photo
  • refer to an inside joke

In short, a truly personalized greeting card will ensure that your recipient feels special.

Let me help you Show You Care.