Snow Golf And Silliness

It’s not quite, “Dashing Through the Snow!” but this lovely, avid golfer knows no bounds; she is determined to enjoy the day.


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Vintage Humour

I’m sure this is familiar to all of you: you engage in an activity and try to act as though everything is perfectly normal. But somehow you  just know.

Things are awry — without that special someone.


Thanks to The Lutterworth Press, I have been able to marry one of my favourite photos taken in my woods with an illustration from the late 1800’s. Talk about contrasts!

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Green Darner on Rose of Sharon


Delicately Detailed  Perfection

The lovely creature above sat for two or more hours on my rose of Sharon-perhaps waiting for me to admire her. She was quite preoccupied, but I’m not sure what she was up to because  there were no holy socks in sight.

This delicate design of Mother Nature is perfect for almost any occasion, but perhaps best suited for a  friend’s summer birthday. Choose it with or without a verse inside.