How Can You Show You Care?

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Most of us like to acknowledge important events in others’ lives. If our loved ones are close by, we visit them, share a glass of wine or a meal, and spend quality time together. Yes, we feel good about taking the time to show we care.

If distance makes those options impossible, we make a phone call, or send an email or electronic greeting.

Well, there is another very good option that you might like to consider: why not send a truly personalized snail-mail greeting card?

A truly personalized greeting card might do one or more of the following:

  • mention your loved one’s name on the cover of the card
  • mention his age
  • mention a personal quality
  • mention her astrological sign
  • feature a meaningful photo
  • refer to an inside joke

In short, a truly personalized greeting card will ensure that your recipient feels special.

Let me help you Show You Care.